Ars Artis Ceccarelli

Tra la pittura e la scultura non trovo altra differenza, senonché lo scultore conduce le sue opere con maggior fatica di corpo che il pittore, ed il pittore conduce le opere sue con maggior fatica di mente. (Leonardo da Vinci)


The kiss



cm.81x65 - 19 deep - 1984


The kiss is the magic embodiment of the magnetic fusing two lives into one, anticipating that ultimate and intimate procreating conjugation of beings, so common in everyday life and so unique at the same time.

Propelled by irresistible passion and anticipating the intimacy that keeps mankind alert and alive, the intensity of kissing has been the subject of much artistic endeavour over time. 

However, as in many other pieces of mine, work did not start with the idea of kissing as a preconceived theme. 

It was not in my mind as an a priory when I started casually working the clay on a wooden board, as often I do. In fact with no precise intentions for a specific project, relying more on the gifts of introspection surging from the well of the subconscious than on deliberate design.

No preparatory sketches were available as inspiration is often meant to come from within.

The round shape at the centre then began to take form well before other elements of the composition started gelling together through a process of free association.

The womb like round shape wanted to remain open as a cleft to the beholder, and soon began acquiring meaning by inducing a subtle sense of mystery and inner creative complexity till the time came when the germinal idea of an embraced femininity became self evident and a clear possibility. 

The encounter of two bodies kissing within the process of loving with all the transport towards the other, meets the compulsion of all the attended anxieties, apprehensions and a sense of loss of self identity and autonomy, that the purposeful conjugation of two bodies brings along in its aftermath, and remains latent taking here proper expression by the depth of the challenging obscurity at the centre of the composition. 

There is not security in loving as there is not security in life.

Otherwise for the sake of positive counterpoint the large male figure in the background, tenderly embracing the female body also holding her by the thigh, sits there to infuse a balance between a sense of protective strength as well as a formal backdrop to the image as the female head gently rests on her man shoulder.  

Hoping for the best!

Giorgio Attilio Ceccarelli