Ars Artis Ceccarelli

Tra la pittura e la scultura non trovo altra differenza, senonché lo scultore conduce le sue opere con maggior fatica di corpo che il pittore, ed il pittore conduce le opere sue con maggior fatica di mente. (Leonardo da Vinci)




When Lech Walesa started Solidarnosc, his popular movement towards emancipation from communism in his native Poland, the world free spirits rejoiced. 

And I with them.

At that time my sculpture of a face with hands firmly locked together over a very stern and wilful mood was already completed, but living in an uncertain limbo, titles. 

I cant remember where that image, of almost intimidating severity, came from, or what was so compelling as to bring it out, but some unease with the world I was then living in at that time was churning inside me stirring my restlessness. 

It had to come alive in some meaningful form. And so it did in that form.

When few years later, in the early eighties, that liberating people driven revolt swept its poor one party callously communist dominated country, I felt history unfolding had eventually found me an honourable and befitting title for my still unnamed work.

The spirit of the severe face framed by hands holding together promptly acquired a meaning for solidarity in freedom, and so it remained having waited long enough. 

Giorgio Attilio Ceccarelli

PS. At present the piece is still cast in plaster and waiting to be properly casting in bronze.


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