Ars Artis Ceccarelli

Tra la pittura e la scultura non trovo altra differenza, senonché lo scultore conduce le sue opere con maggior fatica di corpo che il pittore, ed il pittore conduce le opere sue con maggior fatica di mente. (Leonardo da Vinci)




Arrogance, cynicism, greed and worse lead the worst of mankind to the destruction of other man, women and children, in the orgy of wars …  as it was in the Holocaust, and into the many other holocausts that humanity had to suffer over centuries and millennia by wanton predators..

In their childhood, man and women of my generation, all over Europe,  may remember having themselves been occasional eye witnesses, or victims, to frightening events in the century of the greatest insanity since history began being recorded.

WW1,WW2, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, with their massacres by the millions, one wonders if there ever was anything worse, at any other time in our history.

Hybris is the Greek term for arrogance, prevarication, rage and death-wish of inhuman man driven into violence and prey. 

Hybris brings to blind-wrath evil man led by greed, but seldom are they met by the righteous wrath of God, or human justice, that both should be brought down onto them for their rightful punishment.

Hybris belongs to man that in their folly rout and crash the innocent, the defenceless, the vulnerable … all victims of insanity.

In this bronze-cast-high-relief - my own very personal Guernica - the man wearing a steel-war-helmet with some futile insignia of power grafted on it, and a menacing raised fist, sweeps away the unarmed, distraught, crying and defenceless populace. 

In this allegory of mine the man with the war-helmet is ridden by an exalted, grimacing and shouting Fury, herself raising an alarming fist, worth a war cry.

What we all know about the horrors of war reinforced by  never forgotten personal childhood memories, along with tragic tales by a good man, a war Veteran bonded by mutual friendship, lured me to make this memento piece.

A cry to honour  man of Peace!

A friend carefully scrutinizing the just newly-cast bronze-high-relief - with that warrior’s mask deeply carved, fragmented and distorted evil features, bearing  suggestions of incumbent peril - observed that it could instead be seen as an apt metaphor for our constant urban strife, the on going never ending story of our times..

Truth, as always, is in the eye of the beholder!

Giorgio Attilio Ceccarelli